hey, i'm sue. i am an artist, designer and traveler.

i'm currently pursuing masters in human-computer interaction at georgia tech, and looking for a ux/product design position for summer internship 2021.

i'm a first-gen immigrant from south korea. from the age of 9, i travelled to over a dozen european nations and has visited many world-renowned art museums. my experiences traveling the world have given me intimate knowledge of the western perspective, yet i still draws inspiration from my deeply rooted korean sensibilities into my design.

ask me about the time i was working at: the North Carolina Museum of Art, the College of Wooster Art Museum, Alphawood Gallery, Wrightwood 659, Zhou B Art Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago and High Museum of Art.

fun fact: my first name 'sue reon 수련' means lotus in korean!

photo of me, holding a self-portrait painting in front of my face
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