hey it's me, sue 👋

for over 7 years, i worked in art museums, and now i combine my love for tech and art into ux/product design. i'm currently a ms-hci student @georgiatech

i am passionate about enhancing community engagement and art education through tech.

ux projects

atlanta pride scavenger hunt

a scavenger hunt mobile app that engage more diverse attendees, provide a dynamic space to interact, and bring the community together to celebrate Pride.
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sparkle +

a web plug-in for streaming services that helps you clean your space.
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high museum remote exhibit

a 3d virtual reality environment of High Museum for students and teachers. this helps students to engage and interact with art works that are not videos.
coming soon
art projects

paintings and photography

selected works of my oil paintings, drawings, and digital and film photography.
take a peak


you can listen to a full-length EP album that I wrote and performed. there's a bonus track w/ my beautiful friends :)
listen here
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